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Our Mission Statement

When starting a new business or project, it’s always important to focus on your why, because this is the thing that will keep you going when times get tough.⁠

So, we ask ourselves – What is our Why?!

Our mission at ML Property Venture, is that we love to help people. Our Founder, Melissa Lewis, wanted to build a business where she could challenge the stereotype and help people reach their financial goals.

Similar to a lot of us, Melissa had always been taught that the ‘correct’ path to follow, is to finish our education, get a stable job and then we’d be set.

But life isn’t like that now. Nowadays in order to survive, you do need multiple sources of income. And we believe that property is a solid source of income.

Our team are able to find properties and developments for investors, which help them achieve their financial goals, as we are strong advocates of building multiple streams of income and our job means that we can watch people start and grow their own portfolios.

A sense of proudness of those who come to us for their first property and then a couple months later are ready for the 2nd…and then 3rd and so on.

We want to assist buyer and seller in making the best real estate decisions possible by providing relevant knowledge, collaboration, and as smooth of a process as possible.

Also, depending on the location, we can take on the headache and admin (or can recommend someone who can) of managing your investment property. From scheduling and attending viewings, onboarding tenants, conducting regular property inspections and inventories, etc across your investments – we can help.

ML Property Venture offers plenty of friendly advice and solutions for all and any of your property investments questions or queries.

We can also recommend mortgage brokers, accountants, conveyancers, tradesmen and anything and anyone else to help make your investment process easier.

Here at ML Property Venture we are fully committed to what we do.

Contact a member of the team today, to discuss how we can help you, at

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