About Us

According to The Times Rich list, 40% created their wealth through property. The other 60% invested in property as a means of growing and protecting the wealth that they created in other industries. In fact, more millionaires attain their wealth through property than any other type of investment.

In a time where inflation is going up, meaning the day-to-day way of living is going up, it’s becoming progressively harder to achieve wealth (or even just financial comfortability).

ML Property Venture was established, to help those who have wider financial goals. For the people who read the above statement and see the true importance of creating additional streams of income; and the people who set short & long term financial goals; and know that with the right support and guidance – they will get there.

Our Founder – Melissa, was previously an online Estate Agent Franchisee, dealing with all things Sales, Lettings and Property Management. She noticed there was a gap in the market, as investors would turn up to viewings and ask questions about the local rental demand and potential yield based on their offer price. Time was spent helping each investor, whether that be from recommending tradesmen and build teams, to advising them on what their return on investment could be and even valuating their recently refurbished buy-to-let against local market changes; Melissa decided to focus her property knowledge and skills on providing guidance to investors.

The main reason that investing in property performs so well, is because we can invest using savings, mortgage or other lending facilities. For example, if we had £50,000 and invested it into property then we could purchase a property that was worth approximately £160,000. As mentioned previously, this is achieved through using a mortgage or other lending facility. Given the current market conditions let’s assume that the property market also increases in value by 7% per annum (even though it increases at a higher rate in normal market conditions). After 10 years the property has increased in value from £160,000 to £314,744 (say £315,000). Our original investment of £50,000 is now worth more than £265,000. That is a return on our investment of over 500%!

Aside from the obvious financial gains, investing in property can be used to help you achieve specific goals, such as:

  • To earn a higher interest rate than leaving your money sitting in the bank.
  • To earn a higher interest rate than bonds, ISA’s and other saving schemes.
  • To build a portfolio that will give you enough income to retire.
  • To earn more money to improve your lifestyle.
  • A hands-off investment that requires very little of your time.
  • High yielding returns on capital.
  • To invest for your children’s future.
  • safe and secure investment.

Through relationships we’ve built with new build developers, agents, investors and our own due diligence, we are able to bring you off-market and exclusive opportunities according to your requirements.

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