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We are
ML Property

We are an Essex based organisation who source off-market and exclusive opportunities around the UK.

We have an influx of:

    • Off-market land and development opportunities, with and without planning permission.
    • Commercial conversions (i.e. offices, hotels, nursing homes, etc).
    • Residential opportunities (i.e. houses, HMOs, apartment blocks, full portfolios, etc).

We are fully compliant and are committed to following best codes of practice when dealing with our investors, developers and sellers alike.

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Are You An Investor?

Whether your goals are to achieve long term capital growth, a certain annual return on your investment or a monthly cashflow figure, we can help you.

We find properties, developments and commercial conversions across the UK and endeavour to only speak to you about deals which suit your requirements.

Are You Seller?

We strive to take on any house, land, commercial unit or development, in any condition within a timescale best suited to you. We are interested in both commercial and residential units, all around the UK.

We work with other investors and developers, so if we don’t buy, our clients will!

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